Through Collaboration


Lab41 brings together leading experts from academia, government, industry, and IQT to solve hard problems in Big Data analytics and drive “innovation through collaboration.” Located in Silicon Valley, this cutting-edge challenge lab helps equip the U.S. Intelligence Community with the tools and technology insight needed to achieve its mission of informing U.S. policy makers by re-imagining ways to manage, understand, and visualize data.


Comprised of a rotating cast of data scientists, engineers, and innovative thinkers, Lab41 challenge teams leverage participant backgrounds and technical skillsets to address IC-relevant challenges in a fresh, innovative way. These cross-functional teams work collaboratively on challenges that are bound by well-defined problem statements and time limits, with the goal of delivering findings and proof-of-concepts within a 3 to 12 month period. [More]

Our Work

Digital content is growing at an exponential rate. An unprecedented amount of imagery, video, news, and commentary is generated every day, each with unique information attached. In order to succeed in this new reality, organizations must find new ways to leverage data to gain valuable insights. Nowhere is this challenge more critical than in the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), where ensuring that data is accessible (and connectable) is essential to mission success. [More]