Lab41explores how the U.S. government can leverage emerging machine learning capabilities.

We’re tackling the most difficult challenges in data analytics, in support of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Powered by partnerships with experts like you.

Three unique communities join together in our data analytics proving ground.


Collaborate directly with the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Accelerate product development by leveraging Lab41’s engineers to complement your own resources.


Use Lab41 projects as a platform to help validate results.

Plus, work with compelling datasets and contribute to the open source community.


Learn and use the latest analytical tools.

Harness the power of open source software and get access to the brightest minds in Silicon Valley to solve mission-critical challenges.

What We Do

We apply emerging technologies and approaches to analytic problems.

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Machine Learning

It's all about balance.

We’re developing tools and techniques that enable data analytics.

Open Collaboration

We believe in the power of collective research & development.

Lab41 projects leverage and contribute to the open source community.


Make more time for the important stuff.

Lab41 teams are building software & frameworks that enable productivity.

Introducing Our Blog


A place to discuss our insights and successes plus the occasional misstep.

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A place to discuss our insights and successes plus the occasional misstep.

Article No. 41

Batch Normalization: What the hey?

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Working with Lab41

Our partners bring diverse backgrounds and technical skills to the table.

Together, we take on projects inspired by the Intelligence Community.

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Our Process

Four Groups, One Mission

Lab41 is a challenge lab that brings together IQT, Startups, Academia, and Government to equip the U.S. Intelligence Community with the tools and technology insight needed to connect the dots in big data.

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Our Mission